In the first years after my studies at Tilburg University, I mainly focused on the marketing and communication of very diverse companies. Hard work, always switching and retraining. In addition to my full-time job, I exercised very regularly. Hockey was number 1 but training and running the half marathon with my sports friend was also an important thing. However, I was very often tired and sick. That is not pleasant for yourself, but also not for the employer and as a self-employed person it was certainly not useful. After I went to the emergency room three times in a year and told the doctors that my almost exploding belly was between my ears, luckily someone referred me to an osteopath.

That osteopath really turned my life upside down. I started a new version of myself. I started to eat better, cut out some foods and I really became a different person. Now people sometimes laugh and ask if I have age-related ADHD. I feel good, eat well and exercise well. Actually, I’m busy all day. And if I think about it like that, I am mainly concerned with health, both during my work and privately (to the annoyance of my 2 children).

Shortly after that life-changing visit to the osteopath, I sold my company and went back to college. For 15 years I have been studying and reading everything that is loose and stuck about nutrition, treatment, and certainly also the social-emotional part has my attention.

Previously I worked for a biological doctor and later for 6.5 years as an orthomolecular therapist at Raymedy center Eindhoven.

Best of the best

The QuantumX method that I now mainly work with is a very modern device that searches for the cause of complaints in a very effective way and treats them. The effectiveness may be even better if the treatments go remotely. You can therefore easily request a treatment via this site, and all the time I now have left to do it remotely…… I use it to keep looking for information about nutrition and health.

The intention is to set up a practice with a large team of professional champs, but finding a good property is still quite a task.

At the moment I am enjoying the results with the QuantumX. The well-being of my clients is the first priority So wherever you are in the world, the treatments continue. I hope to be able to treat your soon too.