Bio-resonance with QuantumX, works remotely using your DNA. It analyzes the energy in your body with great detail and precision. A gentle, restorative frequency is then applied and works with your body to improve health in those specific areas

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Every element of our body has an energy field with a clear natural frequency pattern. When there is discomfort or stress, the pattern destabilizes and QuantumX can detect it.

Using DNA, the device sends a signal to the body using the specific frequency pattern from the database that is relevant to that organ or part of the body. The pattern is then bounced back and any distortion indicates disease, infection, inflammation or stress. The more stable the frequency pattern, the more energetically balanced that element of the body. The client below suffers from the left shoulder. Evedent to see through the brown figure.

QuantumX’s software displays the results on a detailed diagram of the body and allows for detailed analysis. At this point any bacteria, fungi, viruses or parasites will be indicated for further investigation.​

It also recognizes and helps fight bacterial, viral, parasitic and fungal infections, many of which go unnoticed in our lives but can have a significant impact on health. For a holistic therapist, this is extremely helpful in understanding what is happening in the body as a whole and how different systems affect each other.

The program also analyzes a selection of the most appropriate frequency patterns to restore health. Using all the information provided, I usually send back multiple signals to stimulate the healing process and thereby boost your body’s healing ability. In addition, an energy is usually applied to destabilize the energy of bacteria, fungi, viruses and parasites.

It is non-invasive and completely painless. However, sensitive individuals may experience tingling in the area of ​​the body being scanned.