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Your complaints are alleviated and promote healing. Both physical and emotional 


A person consists of many vibrations. A big chunk of energy! Every organ, tissue and cell is made up of energy. But thoughts, beliefs, memories and emotions also consist of energy. A physical or mental complaint, as stupid as this may sound, is a deviation from the standard vibration or frequency. QuantumX measures where frequencies are as agreed and where something is not right. At a rapid pace, the advanced software compares your tissues with the ideal condition. Via the screen you can immediately see where something is deviating. And it is also immediately indicated and indicates what the problem is.

QuantumX therapy is a fast and effective method that looks for the cause of your complaint

The correct bio frequencies are then used to resolve the complaint. Step by step, not only is it mapped out at an early stage which tissue is causing a problem, it is also possible to measure whether viruses or bacteria are present or whether there are, for example, deficiencies in the field of vitamins or minerals.. Bio-resonance with QuantumX, works remotely using your DNA (or combination of name and date of birth). It analyzes the energy in your body with great detail and precision. A gentle, restorative frequency is then applied and works with your body to improve health in those specific areas.

More details

Every element of our body has an energy field with a clear natural frequency pattern. When there is discomfort or stress, the pattern destabilizes and QuantumX can detect it.

Using DNA, the device sends a signal to the body using the specific frequency pattern from the database that is relevant to that organ or part of the body. The pattern is then bounced back and any distortion indicates disease, infection, inflammation or stress. The more stable the frequency pattern, the more energetically balanced that element of the body. The client below suffers from the left shoulder. Easy to see through the brown chip.

Online treatment

It’s hard to understand how QuantumX works, but it’s even harder to explain that this equipment can also measure and treat people remotely by using a piece of your DNA or combination of name ent date of birth. Yet it works very well and the treatments are very effective. Through this site you indicate how your health is and what your request for help is. QuantumX works with that data and you are measured and treated while you don’t have to go anywhere. Sounds strange, but experience for yourself how effective the measurements and treatments are! All you have to do is indicate which complaint you are experiencing and send a piece of nail (DNA). With this piece of DNA we can measure and treat you remotely.

How can I help you?

The complaints we tackle with the QuantumX are very diverse. From eczema to stomachaches or headaches. And don’t forget the mental complaints, the QuantumX is also very effective here.